Magnesium Chloride


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Magnesium chloride is one of the main components found within Dead Sea Salts and the “brine water” of the Dead Sea.  These flakes can be used directly in the tub for its deeply soothing and muscle relaxing benefits, or it can be added into your bath salt formulations to increase its percentage of magnesium chloride.

Specific skin aiding benefits are associated with this mineral. From skin tightening and toning, to anti-acne treatments, magnesium chloride is proven to give positive results.

Dissolve in warm water at a ratio of one tablespoon flakes to a 1/2 cup hot water.  Once the flakes have melted, saturate a washcloth and apply to your skin as a warm compress, avoiding the eye and nose area.

INCI: Magnesium Chloride.  Imported from Israel.  External Use Only.

Please note that naturally occurring salt cannot be “certified organic” in the USA.  The term “organic” is reserved for items that are grown in a field under organic supervision.  Our natural sea salts are 100% pure, but since it doesn’t meet the FDA’s requirement of being field grown, its not certifiable.  If it were possible, we would have this item marked as organic.  It can, however be sold as 100% natural.

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