Patchouli Essential Oil, Dark

Obtained from a perennial herb native to tropical regions of Asia, this Patchouli Essential Oil, Dark, is widely used in soaps, cosmetics, and perfume recipes.

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Obtained from a perennial herb native to tropical regions of Asia, this oil is widely used in soaps, cosmetics, and perfume recipes. Patchouli Essential Oil, Dark, holds a strong, almost spicy fragrance of what I’d call a blend of earth and wood with a hint of flower. Patchouli seems to be one of those scents that you pretty much know if you like or don’t like, just by saying its name. Many view this as a “hippy” scent and others immediately like it. Personally, I like this scent in its full strength, but what most people don’t understand is – even if you don’t like it at its full concentration, it truly makes a great blending oil. Add a drop or two of patchouli “behind” floral notes, or vanilla, and people who don’t like patchouli, all of a sudden LOVE the scent you’ve created.

Applied topically, Patchouli Essential Oil, Dark, treats eczema, dermatitis, psoriasis, sores, cuts, and wounds. It promotes the growth of new skin cells, helping speed the healing of scar tissue as it soothes inflamed skin. Breathing the scent of patchouli is said to help with lung inflammation and clear up passageways.

It’s very stable in that it will hold its scent in your finished product for quite some time.

As with all essential oils, dilute into carrier oils before applying them directly onto the skin. Keep oils away from eyes and mucous membranes. Keep out of reach of children. Stop using if there is any irritation. Research each oil well before using. Be cautious when using essential oils, for some oils cannot be used by people with certain health conditions.

Extraction Method: Steam distilled from GMO-free plants. Iron free.

Patchouli’s Benefits: Anti-depressant, anti-inflammatory, antiviral, antimicrobial, bactericidal, and a stimulant.

INCI: Pogostemon cablin (patchouli) essential oil

Flashpoint: 200°F

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