Shea Butter Low Melt

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Shea Butter Low Melt, is obtained from the natural fat of the fruit from the karite tree. It is widely used as a moisturizer and makes a wonderful choice for any recipe you can dream up. Shea Butter Low Melt, is one of the most popular cosmetic additives on the market today, and with good reason! Used in a formulation, or straight on your skin, I personally feel you can see the difference within a few short applications.

Shea Butter Low Melt, is semi-solid at room temperature. It is one of the “softer” textured butters, so it melts easily upon skin contact. Shea Butter Low Melt works great in any formulation as a replacer for traditional shea butter. The finished result will have a slightly softer consistency in comparison.

We also do not pre-heat our butters as a lot of suppliers do. During the heating process, crystals can form. If you’ve ever felt a “gritty” shea butter it’s most likely because it was heat-treated for easier pouring before it was sold to you. All our butters are hand-cut, to ensure the highest quality product.

 INCI: Butyrospermun parkii (shea) butter


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Organic Creations Inc. is a small, family-run company who thoroughly enjoys what we do: helping people discover the fun of making their own natural beauty care products for either personal or professional use. Got a question for us? We would love to hear from you! Give us a call, email or use our chat system to contact customer service.

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