Grapefruit Seed Extract Powder

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This Grapefruit Seed Extract Powder acts as a natural antibacterial, antiparasitic, antifungal and antiviral inhibitor in soaps, lotions and other beauty care products.  It is water soluble, so adding this to your water phase will help assist with preserving your finished product.  Please note that since it’s water-soluble, if you are making a recipe that is completely oil based (with no water), this ingredient will not work.  For those recipes that are all oils and butters (no water) you will need to use either Vitamin E or rosemary seed extract (or both).

Grapefruit Seed Extract Powder can be used as a topical treatment for many skin issues such as bug bites, rashes, and athlete’s feet. Simply add a carrier oil or distilled water and you’ve created a highly potent anti-fungal treatment! It’s best to do a small patch test the first time you use it this way. Too high of a percentage of grapefruit seed extract can irritate broken or otherwise distressed skin.

INCI: Citrus paradisi (grapefruit) extract

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