Jojoba Oil Clear

Jojoba Oil Clear. This refined ‘liquid wax’ has long been used for its hair conditioning benefits in both conditioners and shampoos. Cold Pressed. Organic.

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Jojoba Oil, Clear.

Many consider jojoba an oil, but technically it’s a wax, it just has a low melting point.  Place jojoba in a room that is slightly cold, and over the next few days, it will harden into a scoopable wax.  Allow it to naturally warm, and it will melt to its liquid state again.

This refined ‘liquid wax’ has long been used for its hair conditioning benefits in both conditioners and shampoos. It also makes a great addition to lotion, soap and other cosmetic recipes because it acts as a humectant (like glycerin) which will attract moisture to your skin.  In part this is because the components that make up jojoba are very similar to the components inside our skin.  Thus, when this waxy oil is applied topically, our skin views it as our own body oil.

Try adding this Jojoba Oil Clear to your anti-aging, or anti-stretch mark creams.  Use straight on your skin with a cotton ball.  The results will be noticeable!

Because this oil is clear, it might be better suited for some formulations – especially for perfume oils where a see thru presentation is desired.

For cold process soap, it will help create a stable lather. This oil is slow to trace.

INCI: Simmondsia Chinensis (jojoba) oil


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