Lanolin Wax, BHT Free

Lanolin Wax is generally used in salves or lotions that are designed to protect the skin from weather-related issues.

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New: Lanolin Wax BHT-Free!

BHT (butylated hydroxytoluene) is a preservative system derived from phenol. It is a common food and cosmetic additive whose safety has been under examination by agencies such as the EWG network. Though it is not listed as a carcinogen, data does show that this common ingredient is linked to cancer.  It is our understanding that BHT is often not disclosed in INCI panels and that this ingredient has to be specifically requested to NOT be added during the manufacturing processes of lanolin.

This thick & super sticky Lanolin Wax comes from sheep’s wool.  The wool is sheared and exposed to hot water to remove the natural wax. As the water cools, the wax hardens and floats to the top.  It’s then sterilized and packaged as lanolin wax.  Animals are not harmed during this process; lanolin is simply a by-product of the wool industry … however it should be noted that this is still considered an animal product, which will not work for those looking to avoid animal-based ingredients in their formulations.

Lanolin provides a waterproof barrier that is similar to beeswax, but whereas beeswax is hard as a brick, lanolin is soft and pliable. Like beeswax, lanolin also works as a mild emulsifier between oil and water.  Lanolin Wax BHT Free is generally used in salves or lotions that are designed to protect the skin from weather-related issues. Lanolin is both highly emollient and has been proven effective against the combat of “rough” skin – especially areas like knees, elbows, and feet.

Our wax is highly sterilized and is considered cosmetic grade.  It holds the natural scent of lanolin, which some may find offensive.

INCI: Lanolin


The 1 gallon holds 8 pounds of product by weight.

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